The main objective consists in promoting an innovative solution based on knowledge sharing and data intelligence integration that includes all energy actors of a complex value chain.

To achieve this goal, 5 sub goals are foreseen:

i. Deliver a reference implementation for an Energy Data Space, properly integrating cutting-edge big-data management technologies, enabling interoperable communication and exchange with heterogeneous data sources and platforms.

ii. Increase involvement of energy data value chain stakeholders, and especially prosumers, in knowledge sharing into a data sharing-driven ecosystem that promotes data re-usability for business value generation.

iii. Deliver a bundle of data-driven and intelligence-enabled digital solutions and energy services to effectively contribute to energy system decarbonization and consumer empowerment.

iv. Promote SYNERGIES as a reference implementation for a European Energy Data Space through intense dissemination and knowledge transfer of the project’s outcomes.

v. Widely validate the resulting data and energy solutions in 3 representative demo sites that can effectively ensure active engagement of all relevant energy data value chain stakeholders, management of a wealth of heterogeneous data assets and sector coupling with the building and mobility sectors